Out there can be a dangerous place to be, yet we seek out challenges in all that we do in our lives. Where managers take the safe road, they’ll get results that typify that straight line approach in what they do. insight management

When they go for the outer edges of their security blanket, for sure there will be times of huge elation, as well as days where things don’t go to plan and frankly, that doesn’t feel too good.

When there’s that straight line at the ER, we all know by now just what that means. Maybe it’s tranquil, but there sure as heck is little life in it. There might be peace in the mortuary, but it’s not a place where any of us want to be just yet now, is it!

Much more fun is the roller-coaster of the risky experiences where there may be that huge rewarding challenge to overcome. The intriguing gamble of possible downside, is just how far you have to go to be creative and potentially generate exceptional out-of-the-box results.

It’s a time for you to go for it…
“Management is about using the extremes. Be defiant about seeking and rewarding the best performance and merciless when confronted with marginal performance.” – Bob Nelson

For you to encourage your people to have a go, to be the best and to acknowledge when that’s outside their comfort zone too. And, of course, reminding them that it’s OK to find that things don’t always go perfectly to plan.

As managers we have to encourage and facilitate our people to go the extra mile. We also have to be brave enough to confront them when they aren’t up to it. They aren’t bad people – they just haven’t found the right place where they can be themselves and more.

Where they feel right to explore further and push their own boundaries to extremes. For them, it’s not a wildly exciting place to be and you have an obligation not just to your own team leadership, but to them as well.

Often, when you tackle these extremes and the wrong end of the fun part of your business, you’ll find that the honesty you show, as well as the respect you give them, will be a refreshing experience for them, that no-one else has taken the time to help them with, in the past.

To help their square peg find the right shaped hole – and for you to seek that too – it’s time for you to be brave and true, get out of the security of your cozy chair and be strong.